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What is Telecare?

Telecare offers individuals, their families and carers, security and peace of mind both day and night. Through the use of assistive technology and monitoring services, Telecare enables people to stay independent within their own home for as long as possible.

Telecare Plymouth base unit

Enabling independence at home and in the community through mobile technology – Providing self care, early intervention, preventative care and confidence for our older and more vunerable family members and friends.

Peace of Mind for you and your family

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that there’s someone there for you, 24 hours a day, every day? A source of advice and constant support, there to help if the worst happens, like a fall or domestic crisis?

This connected care system means the operator will have all of your information to hand the moment you place a call. They will speak to you via the loudspeaker in the home unit and can hear you through the powerful microphone, helping them to understand the reason for the call and provide the most appropriate help.

Even if they can’t hear you or if you are unable to respond they will request help, whether it is your designated carer or the emergency services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Equipment Do I need?

We come and visit you in your home to discuss your circumstances and requirements. Based on our discussions we will recommend what equipment would be beneficial to you.

Who installs the equipment?

Most of the Telecare equipment that we recommend and supply can easily be fitted by the individual by following the instruction guide. However we provide a full installation service for all of the products we supply.

Who responds to my alarm?

If you activate your alarm, you can decide who responds from a friend, a nominated carer or a monitoring centre

How many contacts should I nominate?

It can’t hurt to have several contacts, just in case. We recommend a maximum of 5

Why use Telecare?

Using assistive technology such as Telecare can make the difference between staying in your own home or going into residential care.

How does the monitoring centre work?

When your alarm is activated, it gets picked up by an operative at the monitoring centre, who will then call one of your nominated contacts.

How do I know if my alarm is working?

We recommend for your own peace of mind that you periodically check that it is working by activating it and making the monitoring centre aware.

What happens if I lose my pendant?

We can supply a replacement pendant for a small fee. We can also supply spare pendants or multiple pendants.

If you have concerns for a family member call us now on 07526 760193